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“These courses have been approved by the Florida Department of Financial Services for insurance continuing education credit”

Justifiable Use of Force-Classroom 2 HRS - PROVIDER ID:369590, PROVIDER NAME: AFCBBAI

01/29/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1132647)

02/20/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1132685)

03/25/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1132692)

04/24/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1132702)

05/29/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1132712)

06/21/2021  (Course Offering ID is 1133250)

This 2 Credit Hour Course will help you fulfill the requirements for your certification. The Focus of this 2 hour Course Designed to aid and educate Bail Bond Agents on the ‘Justifiable Use of Force’. This is a hot button issue that covers topics from the Arrest process to Stand your Ground Laws and the Castle Doctrine. This course will give Agents a deeper understanding of the issues while spuring contemplation that may happen after the course is over.


ONLY $24.99

CE 5-237 Law & Ethics Update 5 HRS - PROVIDER ID:369590, PROVIDER NAME: AFCBBAI

11/19/2020 (Course Offering ID is 1118099)

12/02/2020 (Course Offering ID is 1118108)

12/09/2020 (Course Offering ID is 115413)

01/25/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133243)

02/18/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133244)

03/25/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133245)

04/22/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133246)

05/28/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133247)

06/21/2021 (Course Offering ID is 1133248)

This course is a mandatory Continuing Education course for all Bail Bond Agents and It must be taken every 2 years according to Florida Statute 626.2815.

ONLY $49.99

CE 2-34 Recordkeeping and Mediation in a Bail Bond Business 7 HRS - COMING SOON  PROVIDER ID:369590, PROVIDER NAME: AFCBBAI

05/20/2020  (Course Offering ID is 1116553)

This 7 Hour Course will help you fulfill the requirements for your certification. The Focus of this  7 hour Course Designed is to aid and educate Bail Bond Agents on proper Recordkeeping and Mediation Techniques. Recordkeeping is regulated by the state and can land an agent in hot water if not kept properly. Recordkeeping can also come in handy for the Agents when reviewing records. Mediation Techniques can be beneficial in all aspects of human life, in this class we will focus on how they can be applied to daily use for this field.

ONLY $64.99

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