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How to Become a Surety Agent. (Bail Bonds Agent

Being a Surety Agent can be a rewarding career choice. We at Florida Bail Bonds Institute work tirelessly to help our students become Surety Agents. Below are some general steps that need to be taken in order to become a Surety Agent.

1.  PL02-37 Pre-Licensing Course : This Pre Licensing course is the first and most important step in becoming a Surety Agent (Bail Bonds Agent) The state of Florida requires each Entrant earn 120 Credit Hours initially as a part of the Certification process.

2.   Correspondence online Course : After your Pre-Licensing course an Entrant must also earn  additional Credit Hours. This course is a requirement of the state.

3.   Application : Once the Certification Courses have been complete. You will need to file an application with the state

a)-In addition to the application the Entrant will need to have 3 sworn statements. These statements are like letters of recommendations. They must be from “reputable” citizens. Citizens of the same county that the Agent engages in as a Temporary Licensee
b)-Appointment form filled out by sponsor.
c)-Pay Fees.

4.  Fingerprinting & Registration (Electronic)
Applicant will also need to submit a full-faced photograph of themselves. It may be wise to consult professional Photographers. 

5.  Temporary License : In 6 weeks you should receive a Temporary Licensee which will be Valid for 18 Months. This should be the T2-35 Temporary License

6.   Internship : The Internship should last 1 year and can be done at any Bail Bond Agency willing to take you on as an intern. The Intern must spend a minimum of 30 hours per week Interning at the Agency.

7.  State Exam : After you pass your State Exam You Become a Permanent Surety Agent (02-34). Congratulations!

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Our Staff Members


Mr Lester Huggins


  • Theology: Certificate 2007-2009- E. V. Hill School of Theology

  • BAIL BONDS: Certificate 1999- Miami Dade College/University of Florida

  • Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of the West Indies.

  • Police Trainee: 04/1977-11/1977 Trinidad & Tobago Police Academy

  • Police Detective: 11/1977- 08/1989 Trinidad & Tobago Police Service

High School and Advanced College-1968-1975 Ibis High School, Trinidad & Tobago




  • Manage daily operation of bail bonds business

  • Train bail bonds interns from 2001-present – review Florida statues 648 and 903 as well  as training interns in the field

  • Execute bail  bonds and implement the rules and regulations of the department of Financial Services

  • Meet with clients and  review/sign contracts and applications to secure defendant’s appearance in court

  • Arrest persons who failed to appear in court while out on bond



. Private investigator for personal injury cases

. Provide surveillance in domestic related cases and insurance fraud


. Serve summons, subpoenas and notices

. File return of service (reports) with respective clerk of courts  


WACKENHUT SECURITY 1996-2000           

  • Ensure safety of patrons and property at Metro Rail stations in Miami.

  • Write incident reports as needed



. Police detective-investigated serious crimes which included murders, robberies, drug trafficking, and rapes

. Investigated, apprehended, and arrested suspected persons; brought suspects before a court of law


Dr. Janice Huggins

Dr. Watson-Huggins possesses a Bachelor of Science Degree with honors from the University of the West Indies, Jamaica where she majored in International Relations and Political Science and a Master’s Degree in Government. Dr. Huggins completed her Doctor of Education Degree at Nova Southeastern University in the Abraham Fischler College of Education. Her area of expertise is in Instructional Technology and Distance Education. Dr. Huggins serves as the Online Systems Administrator for the Florida Bail Bonds Institute located in downtown Fort Lauderdale and also a substitute teacher with the Broward County School Board. Dr. Watson-Huggins is also a registered bail bondsman/surety agent, Real Estate Agent and notary public and Private Investigator in the State of Florida. 

Dr. Huggins has tremendous experience in research and online learning systems. Dr. Huggins served as an Adjunct tutor at the University of the West Indies, Jamaica and an Assistant Lecturer at the University of Technology, Jamaica. Dr. Watson-Huggins is the Past President of the Fischler College of Education Student Government Association at Nova Southeastern University and the Vice President of the Omega Theta Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education.

Her area of expertise is gamification and learning technology in the classroom.

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