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Florida Bail Bonds Course News - Why Become a Bail Bondsman

Why Become a Bail Bondsman:

If you are curious about the career path of a bail bonds agent, you are probably asking yourself, “What exactly does a bondsman do?” A bondsman is a person or company that pledges money or property as bail on behalf of a criminal defendant in court. The job involves putting up your own money which will be paid back to you by the person that you are representing. There are several advantages to becoming a bondsman. Here are the top five reasons why being a bail agent is a good career:

1. Always Interesting. The day-to-day job of a Florida bondsman is never boring. From going to local courthouses and jails to even possibly pursuing fugitives on your own, the life of a bondsman is never dull.

2. Pays Well. A bondsman takes a commission on every bond that is posted. These vary on whom you are working for, but if you work for yourself, you can set your commission. Bondsman can make anywhere from $50,000-$80,000 per year, and the work is always plentiful. You will stay busy as a bondsman, and the job can be challenging, but the financial rewards will be great.

3. Your Own Business. Bondsmen are agents who are licensed through the Department of Financial and Consumer Services, and it is their job to post bail on behalf of a criminal defendant. If you are starting out in the business, most potential agents will work for a bonds company backed by an insurance company. With some experience under your belt, you can start, own and operate your own company. As a bondsman, you make your own schedule, and you can operate entirely on your own terms. This will allow you to work for yourself, and be your own boss.

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